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AML - Anti Money Laundering

AML software is built for the management of the "Unique Informatic Archive" as request by Bank of Italy.


Main features:


  • Storage of clients, beneficla owners, financial transaction over 15.000,00 euro and contracts

  • All official tables (Transaction codes, CAB codes, Town codes, Foreign countries codes, exchange codes, etc.)

  • Multiple simultaneus queries (top to 15 values and 10 simultaneous searches,as ruled in G.U. del 7/4/2006)

  • Monocompany ot multicompany licences available

  • AML software has to fulfil Bank of Italy technical standard. We provide our certification about that

  • XBLR file creation for the monthly Bank of Italy reporting
  • Running with all OS
  • Additional importation module to connect AML software with other database